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40 years of playing has allowed me the opportunity to record in several studios in Ontario, and there is no question that Haggarty Sound Studio is in a league of its own.

Barry is one of the finest engineers in the business and has access to some of Canada’s finest studio musicians, not to mention that, he himself is one of Canada’s top guitars players.

After completing 2 albums with Barry, I’m presently in pre-production for my 3rd, and with all of the latest gear and equipment, there is only one choice for me.

As always, great job Barry!  


Randy Smith

Peterborough, ON  


" If you are looking for excellent musicianship, a supportive environment for creativity, and high quality technical assistance, this is the place to go. I highly recommend it! "

Rose-Marie Peterson

"Barry is the consummate professional!
Having had the pleasure of recording in group and solo projects at Haggarty Sound Studio, Barry's amazing talent and ability to put you at ease and have fun makes working with him an extreme pleasure. I look forward to future projects!

Thanks so much Barry!

Lori Covert

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